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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Caramel League

     It's 4:31 at my house this afternoon...soup's heating on the stove, kids are napping and Carrie Ann-well, she found her thumb! Best paci in the world. For the last two days, since it's discovery, she has gone right to sleep! I didn't even get buzzed at church yesterday- woohoo! Jim just got back from a run and I desperately needed some blogger-therapy!
     Naps are running late today. We met with our good friends Shae and her son Brinson and new daughter, Bealey Cate and Melissa and her son Chan and brand spankin' new girly-Celia! Imagine all of us in the food rivaled our playgroup chaos!
     It was so much fun getting to catch up with good friends!!! I miss Shae a lot...we were in D.C. together! I owe surviving Taylor's first year to her and Jim's sister Jenny!  Celia is just a month younger than my little CA, so it's neat to compare and share... At one point we were all three was our own little LeLeche league meeting! I laugh when I see that word, sounds like The Caramal league! Haa!

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